Whale Watch & Swim

Aboard Luminescence



Our purpose-built 9 meter aluminium boat is comfortable, fast and has those touches that make whale swimming an easy and enjoyable experience. Rain protection, an observation deck, elongated swim steps, hydrophone, and a gear table are just a few of the aspects that make Luminescence the perfect vessel for your day out on the water. Fun and experienced local crew and a love for the whales will ensure that your experience is unforgettable!

We follow all industry guidelines and Tongan laws for whale swimming in the Kingdom. Ask us for more details if you're interested!


Whales Above & Below the Water


Experience the joy of watching whales breach, spyhop, fluke and fin slap, spout and more, all above the surface of the water.

Slip into the water with your guide and up to 4 guests and wonder at these majestic mammals as they travel by, engage in heat runs, bask with their young and more.

Enjoy an epic day out aboard Luminescence with these majestic mammals. The Humpback Whales comes to Vava'u each winter to mate and birth and bask with their young before heading back to the Antarctic to feed.
Join us July - October for a once in a lifetime chance to swim with the Humpbacks of Tonga.
Tours still available for the 2018 season!
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