Each day is a new day on the mat

Waking to the sound of the waves lapping on the rocks below my South Pacific island bungalow, my first thoughts are of Mother Nature’s call, her constant beckoning toward acceptance and renewal. I imagine idyllic sunny days and raging icy storms alike coming and going across both land and sea. I see flower blossoms opening and closing as the sun and moon rise and set, day in and day out. I ponder seasons continually changing, asking us to appreciate them equanimously, this too shall pass. I urge the barrage of thoughts about my busy day ahead, which I know are awaiting me, to just wait a few moments longer so I can connect with nature a moment more first. The sound of the waves outside keeps calling; the sun out my window keeps rising. I feel our Earth Mother waking around and within me. I ask myself, how to connect more deeply with this feeling?

​My logical brain kicks in to answer: this is a new day! Overnight the tide has come and gone and washed the past away. It’s a new opportunity to embrace and accept this moment, the things that have changed, the new horizons apparent. My body changes throughout each day: new things arise, old habits and attributes are let go of, my balance is constantly shifting. Why not deepen this connection to Earth through my body? My thoughts shift to the yoga mat lying on my bedroom floor. This IS a new day, a new opportunity to embrace the space I enter when I’m on the mat, a chance to engage my body, my breath, and my mind in the act of acceptance and renewal, to embody the Earth. Aware that the whirlwind of daily life (even while living on a tropical island) seems to engage my brain to the degree that I’m distracted from the Earth connection I seek, the yoga mat is a potential solution should I choose to honour it. It’s a source of connection to the Earth and to Mother Nature. My mat is an Alter. Laying in Savasana is a symbol of lying with Mother Earth, feeling that grounding, renewing my sense of connection. Moving between asanas, I feel coherence with the forms that Earth takes, the dance that Mother Nature does: standing tall as a mountain, winds blowing the branches of the rooted and sturdy trees, a myriad of animals saluting the sun and the moon, relinquishing to the acceptance and silence of Yin as glacier-formed valleys have done for eons. Just as Earth’s winds redistribute heat throughout hemispheres, breath sends prana throughout my body. I too have these moves and this dance within me. Like the ocean waves that continue moving outside, I’m energetically pulled to the mat. This is a new day; another opportunity to accept myself, my emotions, my balance, my flexibility, my body. Every day is a new day to come back to this space of harmony, this connection to Earth. ​Posted by Lisa Newton.

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