World Class Kite Boarding on Your Tonga Holiday

Where in the world can you launch your kite right off the beach of your holiday island resort (or off the 'disappearing sand cay' just a few minutes boat trip from your room at your private island resort) and enjoy kite surfing in ideal wind conditions and seas most of the year round? Right here at Mandala Resort in Tonga. With 10-months of consistent trade winds, an outer reef system that protects inner lagoon-like waters, tropical blue colours everywhere, navigable shallows, and spectacular scenery, this little spot in the South Pacific is idyllic for world-class kite boarding. Bring your gear with you and come enjoy a Tonga holiday at this Vava'u beach resort accommodation. Kite surfing lessons are available by advance arrangement with female kite boarding champion, Kirsty Bowe. Book your kite boarding chase boat and driver, which are for hire by the hour from Mandala Resort.

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