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Whaleswim Adventures welcomes you to join one of their 4 unique eco-tours at Mandala. Their passionate whale-whispering crew, their commitment to having minimal impact on the humpback whales, their conservation of other marine life and their environments, and their total commitment to making your holiday with them the best moment-by-moment experience you have ever had, offer you a #1 eco-tour choice for discerning wildlife adventurers around the world!
Their Packaged Tours have just a few spaces left...
Every year since 1999, between July and October, Whaleswim Adventures has successfully operated 'swim with humpback whales' eco-packagedtours in the beautiful untouched islands of Vava'u, Tonga, where the largest population of the humpback whales reside during this time. All of their tours focus on small group whale encounters for intimate, yet exhilarating experiences that will stay with you for many years to come!

4 TOURS - -

'Whales in Paradise'

  • 1015A 4 - 13 August 2013 (FULLY BOOKED)

  • 1015B 3 - 12 September 2015 (2 spaces - double/twin room)


This 'Whales in Paradise' Tour is very special as you spend every night ou in the humpback whale nursery on two beautiful unspoilt islands of Vava'u. The first 4 nights will be at the new Mandala Island Eco Resort on the beautiful island of Fetoko! The next 5 nights are at the exquisite boutique Reef Resort. 7 days are on the water with the humpback whales!

'Paradise Islands Experience'

  • Tour # 7 25 August - 3 September 2015 (5 spaces - 1 x single and 2 x double/twin rooms)

  • Tour #10 15 - 24 September 2015 (2 spaces - double/twin rooms)


Perfect for Beach Loves & Whale Enthusiasts - its int he middle of the season - so always lots of whales! 5 nights staying at a great beachside resort on the edge of the whale nursery with the traditions & nightlight of Vava'u, followed by 4 nights on the beautiful tropical Mandala Island Eco Resort, surrounded by turqoise water in beautiful individual fales. 9 nights / 8 days on the waters edge & 7 days out with the whales!

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