Host Your Retreat at Mandala Resort

Mandala is the perfect location for your island retreat program. The serenity of the island is ideal for fostering the right supportive environment for your core curriculum. Whether you include whale watching, Yoga on the disappearing sand cay, cooking classes, or speaking engagements and presentations in your program, we can help you create the flow you want to offer your guests and help make your retreat spectacular.


  • Our common area floor offers plenty of room for dancing and performances as well as meal service and seating for groups.

  • Our 18-mat Yoga deck overhangs the tropical blue waters 3 meters below with views of Mount Talau to the north and the setting sun to the west.

  • The beach and bonfire area are perfect for your event, whether it's a full moon dance, a drum circle, or a traditional Tongan Feast.

  • Our outdoor presentation area offers a projector with screen and audio.

  • Our restaurant can cater for your health retreat and accommodate most dietary requirements.

  • Cooking classes may be arranged in our open air kitchen with a 180* view of the sea.

  • Equipped with the right gear, Ben is an experienced DJ, and has a range of professional lighting and presentation options. 

  • Use your own Yoga instructor and retreat facilitators or enquire about our options.

  • Local concierge is professional at handling local logistics. We can organize your accommodation, meals, transfers and assist with domestic flight itineraries.

  • Include unique extras into your retreat program such as a silent bush walk to the clifftops of Kenutu Island to watch the sea below crash on the rocks, a swim at the disappearing sand cay, or a short hike up to Vava'u's only blow hole on Lolo, a small island made of crystalized coral!

Yoga Instructor On-Site

A passion for helping others experience the benefits of Yoga is at the heart of Lisa’s teaching style. She discovered Yoga’s therapeutic effects in 1994 when severe back pain nearly ended a backpacking trip through California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Luckily, a fellow hiker (and as it turned out, Yogi) was able to significantly ease her pain by walking her through some simple postures. Lisa’s curiosity was peaked and thus began a journey that would introduce her to a multitude of powerful healing techniques, each one now woven into the fabric of her work as a Yoga therapist.


Over the past 7 years Lisa has fully embraced her passion for facilitating the health of others and has incorporated Hatha, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Yin, breath-work, Reiki (Level II), and Vipassana into her practice. In 2012, Lisa completed an RYT-200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and is currently working to finish an RYT-300 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training. She is also drawn to further study Ayurvedic Nutrition.


Along with her husband Ben, Lisa has created a truly remarkable space for Yoga practice. Encircled by the sounds of nature, the sunlight through the trees and the vastness of the sea, Lisa has found a sense of wholeness by living simply, surrounded by such beauty. She aims to share this inner peace and vitality with all of those willing to step into the here-and-now and allow the healing to begin!