Things to do in Tonga

Near to Ofu Island's beachfront village and just a 10-minute boat ride to Neiafu Township, Mandala is surrounded by activities and beautiful sites. ​We are happy to pre-arrange tours for your stay at our Tonga accommodation, at no additional cost. Contact us in advance so we may ensure that your spot is reserved.

Whale Watching


Whale Watching is one of Vava'u's most sought after activities, mid-July - October. These majestic and gentle giants migrate to Vava'u to mate, give birth, and bask with their young before heading back to the Antarctic to feed. Tonga is unique in the world for allowing guests to slip into the water and snorkel with these beautiful Humpbacks, while being mindful of conservation. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!​

Humpback Whale Watching and Snorkeling

Contact for package prices and details

Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Islands


Come with us to visit less often explored areas of Vava'u. This is a one-of-a-kind tour of the eastern islands.

  • Take a quick hike up to and overlook the ocean below from the clifftops

  • Feel the air and sea whooshing into the crystallized coral rocks beneath you and see the aerated water launch above you as you climb up to Vava'u's only blow hole.

  • Surround yourself with the expansive unblemished sand of the disappearing sand cay.

  • Check out the dynamic geology and shallow reefs of the islands neighboring Fetoko. 


Eastern Islands Boat Tour

Half day tours AUD 160 per person

Add a snorkel stop AUD 190 per person

Weather and tide dependent.

Add personalized aerial drone footage AUD 100 per person


Pampering Massage Therapy


Pamper yourself with a luxurious Indian Head Massage with Reflexology right here on the island. Relax and unwind.

Additional massage options are available. Contact for deatils

Yoga & Reiki


Take a few minutes to unplug and recharge. Rediscover your inner peace by taking some time just for yourself.

Lisa is a RYT-500 Yoga teacher and Reiki II practitioner. She practices a range of Yoga styles, predominently Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Sivananda, Ashtanga and offers Yoga Therapy.


Contact for individual and group rates.


Group Yoga discounts available.

Sessions at your accommodation may also be arranged. 

Retreats available.

Snorkel Tours


Experience the eastern pass' unspoiled beauty. Snorkel calm waters where the protected reef system meets the nearby depths of the Tongan Trench. Enjoy a wide range of marine life, contours of shallow reef to swim among, and tropical blue waters with many meters of clear visibility. Less often visited locations such as the 'Aquarium', 'Ben's Bowl', 'Fanuafo'ou Drift', and 'Epic Fanua'unga' are available depending on weather and fitness/adventure level.

Snorkel Boat Tour

Half day tours AUD 160 -199 per person

Weather, tide and skill level dependent.

Add personalized aerial drone footage AUD 100 per person

Add Underwater Sea Scooter AUD 65 per person, age limits apply




Vava’u is known for amazing visibility, often 40+ meters, and water temperatures ranges from 25°C in the winter up to 29°C in the summer months.


With many still unexplored areas, Vava'u is teeming with many varieties of hard and soft corals, see fans, reef fish, sharks, rays, unique underwater geology and more. Come explore for yourself!


2-Tank Boat Diving Trips

Half day tours range AUD 135-155 per person


Underwater Sea Scooters

The sensation of 'flying' underwater is a pleasure! 

Explore effortlessly, gliding along at about 2 knots, by adding a Sea Scooter to your guided snorkel experience.


Half day Sea Scooter Snorkel Tours AUD 199 per person

Weather, tide and skill dependent. Minimum age 14.

Caves Snorkel Tour


Visit 3 caves on this unique tour. Swallow's Cave's caverns and its sister cave are followed by Mariner's Cave for a swim into the cave to check out the condensation fog and the pressure changes created by the swell outside.


Half day tour AUD 199 per person

Add a Sea Scooter AUD 65

Weather and tide dependent.


Kite Boarding


Vava'u enjoys virtually year-round trade winds and the island group is fringed by an outer reef system creating calm waters, ideal for kite boarding. Whether you launch from the beach at Mandala Resort or take a boat and guide to the disappearing sand cay, bring your own gear and experience world-class kite boarding right here. 


Lessons available by advance arrangement

Personalized aerial drone footage of your kite boarding day available AUD 100 per person

Boat and guide AUD 100 per hour



The Vava'u group of islands is fringed by a reef system that protects the group from prevailing swells. That, accompanied by virtually year-round trade winds, creates lagoon-like waters and usually 10-20 knots of wind, ideal conditions for fabulous sailing!


Sailboats range from 28 - 52 feet


Full day sailing tours range from AUD 100-200 per person

Private charters available

Bird Watching


Mananita and Fanuafa'ou Islands are important South Pacific sea-bird breeding environments. Their birdlife remains easy to view and unaffected by human influences. During the summer months there are a number of sea birds that nest on the islands. Head off on an exciting bird watching trip to view seabird colonies and species such as boobies, fairy terns, tevake and egrets. You may even spot the endemic Tongan Whistler!


Half day tours AUD 199 per person

Weather and tide dependent.


Land Tours


Follow your guide and enjoy a quad bike or UTV tour around the island through the bush and to lookout points on the northern and eastern areas of Vava'u. 

Half day tours range AUD 222-299 per vehicle

Take a tour by van to numerous lookout points, the Veimumuni Freshwater Cave and to the trailhead of Mt. Talau where you can take a short hike to the top. 

Half day van tour AUD 50 per person

Car Rental - explore the paved roads of the island on your own!

Rates start at AUD 35 per day

Cultural Feasts, Dancing and Kava


Experience Tongan culture first hand. Enjoy local seafood, root crop, and meat dishes prepared in the traditional underground oven called an umu. Watch the intricate hand, head and foot movements of the tau'olunga traditional dancing or the fierceness of the Tongan stick dance. Try the traditional kava, a root drink that is known for relaxing those who imbibe.


Feasts start at AUD 30-50 per person