Vava'u Island Group


Vava'u is is comprised of approximately 47 islands, many of which are uninhabited. The island group is surrounded by a protective reef that creates lagoon-like waters inside, despite consistent trade winds, which prevail ten months of the year from the southeast. Vava'u is the eastern most island group in the Kingdom of Tonga and just a few miles west of the Tongan Trench, the second deepest chasm in the Earth's crust. Vava'u is an unspoiled paradise without any traffic lights, high-rises, chain hotels, or jet skis. Tongans laugh often and seem some of the happiest people in the world!


Fetoko Island


Fetoko is three acres and surrounded by shallow reef and sea life. Neighboring Ofu Island villagers have been visiting Fetoko Island for centuries as a place to fish and have relaxing picnics, called eva eva in Tongan. Fetoko literally means boat stick in the Tongan language. 


Mandala Resort


Mandala was built with the naturally flowing curves and lines of the island in mind. A heartfelt expression in a living and evolving work of art. Solar power, rain water catchment, Aquaponics, and composting create a reduced footprint and sustainable lifestyle, without sacrificing comfort and amenities. Living earth roofs and a tree house blend the buildings into the island, creating a peaceful serenity in this tropical paradise. Fales have beautiful sunrise, sunset and sea views. .

Tonga "It's True"

The Kingdom of Tonga


Coined 'The Friendly Islands', Tonga has unique geology, a multitude of species of sea life, and rare birds such as the Megapode, all making this a special tropical paradise. Tonga's approximately 176 islands has a range of formations including volcanoes, caves, sea mounts, and atolls. Unlike neighboring Samoa, Fiji, French Polynesia and the Cooks, which have marketing and infrastructure support from countries such as New Zealand, America, France and England, Tonga has remained sovereign despite the Western influences. In comparison, Tonga is unspoiled by throngs of tourists.

Unique and special...

What's the weather like in Vava'u today?

Ofa lahi atu,


The Crew


Owners, Ben and Lisa's found Fetoko Island to be a gem unlike any other island they’ve seen in their travels. Their dream has been to create a work of art to live in, share with others and to feel connected to the Earth. Their partner, friend and local carver, the late Tu'ipulotu Lavulavu and his family have been care-taking Fetoko Island for generations. 


Sifa, Sa'ane and Lesieli have become our local family and help us keep this island a sustainable paradise.


Living on Fetoko Island along with Ben and Lisa are puppies Higgs and Boson and kitty cat Benzini.





Boson & Higgs


'The Great'