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We are happy to now be taking bookings exclusively with tradeWinds


please contact

or visit us on the

Aqua-Terra or land-and-sea pages of

We are very happy to have partnered with TradeWinds and since 2019 we are offering a new package for guests. We now host 7-night stays with 2 different options for you to choose from: “Aqua” and “Terra”.


Both of these options are 7-nights and are all-Inclusive of your accommodation, all meals except 2- meals ashore during the week, all drinks and alcohol, fully crewed with Captain and First Mate/Chef, snorkeling, short island hikes to stunning lookout points, scuba diving, and if you’ve booked Aqua, sailing around and anchoring in the lagoon-like waters of Vava’u. We take guests 10-months of the year, beginning of March through the end of December.


These packages are offered as either shared charters (you book 1 or more rooms) or whole boat/island charters (you book all 5 rooms). 


TradeWinds has numerous international bases around the world and over our time with TradeWinds we have met many very happy and loyal member-guests who love their adventure vacations. 


In our comparison of all-inclusive adventure itinerary charter companies offering similar amenities, we find the TradeWinds membership-based product to be very affordable. TradeWinds does offer retail booking options as well. Weekly retail all-inclusive pricing depends on whether you book 1 or more room(s) on a shared charter or all 5 rooms on a whole island/boat charter.


Hope this clarifies our product offering a bit. TradeWinds has a very knowledgeable and helpful Reservations Team that can assist crafting a package that suits you. 

Bookings at TradeWinds Mandala Resort in Vava’u, Tonga can be made by emailing

or by visiting

TradeWinds Mandala Resort


The local, on-site managers may be contacted by emailing


Looking forward to seeing you here!

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